It is Possible, the Bola Ray Story

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It is Possible, the Bola Ray Story is a 320-page account of Bola Ray’s 40 years of life, 20-year media industry rise over the past decades. The book also details his business-building journey over the last few years.

Nat Kwabena Anokye Adisi, alias BOLA RAY, is best known as one of Ghana’s pioneering radio and television personalities and is developing into one of the nation’s foremost authorities in progressive motivation with regard to media management, business expansion and event production. he is an icon for perseverance, discipline and success with humility. As a visionary with keen eye for talent, he inspires both his peers and those that follow in his entrepreneurial, philanthropic and artistic steps.

The Bola Ray brand supersedes the man himself and as such, he genuinely and consciously excludes notable characteristics which have enabled him to sustain a well-respected name.